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Byron Bay Web Design Company offering innovative and affordable Web solutions, E-commerce, internet marketing, web hosting, Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Innovative Web solutions, E-commerce, internet marketing, web hosting, Search Engine Optimisation SEO, unique websites perfected to the last detail. Professional, powerful and fully-fuctional.

Offering in house and outsourced web and software application development with enterprise-level features, design quality, technical implementation, compatibility, accessibility and performance.

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Byron Bay Web Design – Our Core Principles

Design + technology
Web design is one part design and one part technology. From our experience, web design is the harmonious relationship between design and technology. Both components must be strategy focused and be easy to use.

We create powerful custom websites, and then we take them to the next level with our result-driven SEO services.

We establish long term business relationships with our clients and help them grow online with our Internet Marketing and Web Maintenance services.

  • We work closely with our clients to create custom web designs and layouts that best reflect their organization’s character and goals. Thanks to usability testings, we can also ensure that the website is optimized, and user-friendly.
  • Our web designs are created based on our clients’ business strategies. We place proper call-to-action elements, create SEO friendly codes, correctly research the best keywords, and improve your website’s search engine visibility. We also offer offsite and onsite consultation and support.
  • Highperformance Network website design provides in house and outsourced web and software applications development. In combination with our great super quick clustered and cloud hosting package supplying the best solution for your website!
  • Every website we develop integrates all of our specialties

    • We write direct-response sales copy that drives visitors to take action
    • We optimise your website for SEO to drive Google rankings
    • We ensure that your website has all the necessary features to maximise your online advertising
    • We ensure you don’t lose any rankings when your new website launches
    • Simply put, we produce websites that drive maximum sales for your business.
  • Project management
    Communications is always one of the most important things in regards to working with any company for any type of web or development project and this is one system that we have been working on over the past year to help improve the internal workflow, communication and management of our web design and development projects. The engagement between the web design studio and the Client is critical in all of our web projects.
    All issues or tasks are sent into the system and set as a status as “Waiting for Triage“. For us this means that the request has been entered into the system and it is time for us to investigate the issue and gather more information to be able to perform the tasks. This is usually my own role as project and client lead. Once all of the information has been gathered, I can pass the task on to one of the front end implementors or web developers to process the task and issues.
  • Git
    GitHub is a web-based Git repository hosting service, and the largest and most popular code repository in the world – with good reason. Software development teams love GitHub for its intuitive interface which makes for hassle-free code collaboration. Adding even more value from a collaborative perspective, are GitHub’s many added features – having a single place for managing your pull requests and tracking your issues is hugely helpful.

Browser-Side Form Validation

Our website design customization services are WC3 Compliant;
Your blog site, e-commerce site, html coded Web site will be tested with World Wide Web Consortium Check out our (W3C) Valid HTML5!  100% Valid code!

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